Fresno Burn Injury Lawyer

Causes of Burn Injuries

When it comes to accidents and personal injuries, burn injuries are usually not the first to come to mind. However, they are much more common than one might think. Cars have been known to catch fire after an auto accident. Victims of premises liability could suffer an electrical burn due to exposed wiring. Even a boat accident could cause severe burns if there is an explosion or gas fire. Burns can be minor, but they can also be a severe injury if they cover a wide area or if they are deep.

About Severe Burns

There are three basic levels of severity when it comes to burns: first-degree, second-degree, and third-degree. First-degree is the most minor and only affects the top layer of skin; however, if it covers a large area - especially the hands, feet, groin, or a major joint - medical attention should be sought. Second-degree burns usually reach past the skin into the dermis, causing blisters, severe pain and swelling. These types of burns require immediate medical attention.

Lastly, a third degree burn reaches all the way into the epidermis (fat layer), or even the muscles or bone. These burns cause blackening or charring of the affected area and could result in permanent damage. Get emergency medical attention if you have been severely burned. Also, if your injury is the result of someone's reckless or negligent behavior, you should hold them responsible for your medical expenses with the help of a Fresno injury lawyer.

Consult with a Burn Injury Attorney in Fresno

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