Brain Injury Lawyer in Fresno

Causes and Symptoms of Brain Injury

Many personal injury accidents are so severe that they result in serious injury. One such case would be traumatic brain injury, which is defined by Mayo Clinic as an injury caused by:

  • An impact that causes the brain to collide with the skull
  • A penetration of the skull causing damage to brain tissue

For example, in a high speed auto accident, a victim could hit their head against the steering wheel, dashboard or frame of the car, causing bruising or puncture of the skull and brain. In a premises liability case, a victim could slip and fall, cracking their head on the pavement. Both of these situations have been known to cause brain injury, the symptoms of which include loss of consciousness, dizziness, memory loss, depression, and fatigue.

How to Fight for Compensation

After such a traumatic accident, it can be hard to think about which attorney to hire as you struggle to recover from your injury. At Sawl Law Group, we are here to provide straightforward counsel and legal options. Call today for a comprehensive consultation at no cost to you, during which we could review your case and tell you how we could help. One of our seasoned litigators could gather all relevant information about your case and use it to argue on your behalf, establish a liable party, and obtain the compensation you need to cover your medical treatment and compensate for your suffering.

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