Catastrophic Injuries

Seriously injured in an accident? You need a Fresno injury lawyer!

Accidents take place every day and they can leave many innocent people dealing with the lasting effects. Serious injuries may require the need for medical attention, some of which may be short term care some of which may require extensive and lasting treatments. The latter cases are generally known as catastrophic injuries.

A catastrophic personal injury is a major injury that results in long-lasting treatments, damages, and effects on the life of the victim, or from which a full recovery is unlikely. An injury can also be categorized as catastrophic if it is considered to be life-threatening.

There are a number of types of these injuries and they will typically require the need for more extensive medical treatment. An injured person will often need a surgical procedure and an initial hospital visit. This is a high cost already. Many others will have the need to return to a treatment facility, whether it is for additional surgeries, checkups on the condition or rehabilitative treatment to move forward. This can come at a high price and medical treatment is rarely affordable. There are different types of catastrophic injuries, including the following:

Broken Bones

There are 206 total bones in the human body, each serving a specific and important purpose. Accidents of all kinds can result in one or more broken bones, which can be a traumatizing experience. Broken bones can cause extreme pain and discomfort to the injured individual and can take weeks – or even months – to heal. In many cases, calcium deposits may build up around the break during healing, which may last for months or years after the bone has finished healing. These deposits may result in lasting stiffness, aches, and discomfort.

Burn Injury

Burn injuries can be the result of heat, friction, chemicals, radiation, steam, light or electricity. Damage can also be done internally by those that inhale hot steam that burns inside their lungs. Burn injuries can harm the outer layer of skin, or move further down, causing irreversible damage. A burn can be painless when the nerves in the area are impaired. It can move through the dermis, to the muscle and bone below, damaging everything in its path in a short amount of time. They may require a skin graft, amputation or may even lead to a death. Burns come in different degrees and the higher forms of these injuries should be treated immediately. With advances in medical treatments, many victims may have their lives spared but they can still deal with the other ramification.

Traumatic Brain Injury

Brain injuries are some of the most serious injuries a person can suffer. The brain is considered to be the most important and complex part of the body. The brain organizes and carries out the control of the body, and it is always working, whether consciously or unconsciously. Damage to the brain in the form of a traumatic brain injury (TBI) may come from a strong blow to the head or perforation of the skull. Since the brain is so intricate, damaging one area can have a great impact on the body. It may lead to a number of ramifications and these are not always repairable. A brain surgeon specializes in these cases and even still, many of them are unable to repair the damage faced by patients. There are different degrees of a brain injury and some people may only require medical assessment, while others will need numerous surgeries.

Spinal Cord Injury

The spinal cord is a major part of the body that makes up the central nervous system along with the brain. It is responsible for transferring signals from and to the brain from the rest of the nervous system throughout the body. The spinal cord is covered by the spine and the different vertebras each cover a different area. It actually is positioned through the middle of the vertebrae, through what is known as the spinal canal. The cord is made up of a group of support cells and bundles of nerves. It makes its way from the base of the occipital bone, down to the middle of the first and second lumbar vertebrae.

Spinal cord injuries can include severing the cord, puncturing, cutting it or crushing it. These can lead to a number of ramifications, including the loss of function and control over parts of the body. Since this area of the body is very delicate, when something gets through its line of protecting and damages it, repair can be highly difficult.

Compensation for Catastrophic Injuries in Fresno, CA

For those that are injured, they should not be the ones dealing with the cost if another person is responsible. On top of medical expenses, there may be the need to create modifications to deal with the injury. They may also lose functioning and be unable to work. Victims can suffer never ending bills in addition to the loss of their income. A catastrophic injury is a great expense and victims should be able to gain the best treatment without having to worry about whether or not they can afford it. We know that many injured people are worried about the cost of legal representation and may forgo having a qualified professional for reasons of reducing their bills. Our firm offers affordable plans and we are often able to win much more than our clients would on their own. We also provide a free consultation so that everyone has the chance to get the professional opinion of an attorney, without having to pay the price. Call our office today and set up an appointment, or fill out a form on our site with the details of your case.