Multi-Vehicle Accidents in Fresno

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Multi-vehicle accidents can be complicated because there are a combination of factors that come into play and often multiple insurance companies trying to assign fault. If you were injured in a multi-vehicle crash, you must work with an experienced attorney who can handle complex cases.

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Were you injured in a multi-vehicle collision?

Car accidents are scary events, and they can be even more worrisome when there are multiple vehicles involved. Multi-vehicle collisions generally occur on highly congested, high-speed routes such as freeways, and they are one of the deadliest forms of auto accidents. Some of the most disastrous pile-ups in history involved over a hundred cars and trucks.

Common causes of multi-vehicle collisions include:

  • Low-visibility conditions
  • Black ice
  • Heavy rain
  • Unexpected road hazards

A chain-reaction can occur in conditions with good visibility when black ice or other road hazards are encountered; for example, when a deer crosses the road, or when a piece of furniture falls out of a truck.

A multi-vehicle collision can also occur when one car has a problem and suddenly stops on the roadway. Those behind the car cannot stop in time and may hit it, or veer and crash into other vehicles. The more cars on the road, the more cars are forced into braking and skidding, which in turn causes a chain reaction effect.

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Due to the fact that it can be difficult for investigators to tell if negligence caused a crash, it is extremely important that you ensure your rights to fair compensation are protected.

If you were injured in a multi-vehicle collision, you can turn to Sawl Law Group for excellent legal representation. Over the past 15 years we have successfully recovered millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements, and we would be glad to help you too.

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