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Over the years, the economy has made it more and more expensive to commute. The cost of gasoline has risen so high in California that many individuals are searching for other, more affordable means of transportation. One such option is to ride the bus, standing or sitting with numerous other passengers on the one large vehicle. This method of transportation is indeed economical and kinder to the environment, but it can also be dangerous in the event of an accident occur due to the fact that many passengers are standing, and there are no real forms of safety restraint.

Kinds of Accidents Involving Buses

Since buses are often very full and there are no safety restraints, a collision at high speeds can throw passengers from their seats or from their standing positions. No motorist ever wants to be "stuck" behind a bus and will often attempt to cut around the bus, which could cause an auto accident as a result. Also, distracted or negligent bus drivers can cause accidents that result in serious injury to the other motorist, pedestrian or bicyclist involved. Such cases may require the representation of a Fresno injury attorney to ensure that the innocent victims are compensated for their injuries and suffering.

Consult with a Bus Accident Attorney in Fresno

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