Fresno Bicycle Accident Attorney

Types of Bike Accidents and Their Causes

Statistics provided by the California Office of Traffic Safety (OTS) state that 146 bicyclists were injured or killed in Fresno County in the year 2010. When a bicycle accident involves a motor vehicle, serious injury is not uncommon, such as broken bones or spinal cord injuries. Even with a helmet, a cyclist could also suffer brain injury from the impact. Bicycle accidents do not have to involve cars, however. They can involve another cyclist or a pedestrian, or be a single-cyclist accident caused by terrain, weather or a defective product.

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What to Do After a Bike Accident

If involved in a bike accident, be sure to exchange insurance information with all other parties involved. If it's a hit-and-run situation, you are still entitled to compensation! Your best chances hinge on your choice of an attorney. The more experienced and determined your lawyer is when it comes to winning your case, the higher your chances become of winning adequate compensation. To find out what just such a Fresno personal injury lawyer could do for you, call the offices of the Sawl Law Group today for a free initial consultation on your accident case.

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Our firm has been providing excellent representation for clients in personal injury cases for more than 15 years. We give our full attention and resources to each case, fighting for the highest possible payout in every situation. We are also skilled trial attorneys, meaning that we understand the court system and are experienced in litigation and aggressive representation. Call today for your consultation or fill out our online evaluation form to get started on the path to compensation. You deserve to have your injuries covered by the responsible party's insurance.