Head On Collisions

Posted By Sawl Law Group || 18-Feb-2013

When it comes to accidents on the road, there are a few different types of ways that these can take place. In addition to the many factors that can make driving dangerous, there are also different ways the accidents can occur and these can all come with a high level of damage. It may be a single vehicle, two vehicles or a pile up that takes place and some of these devastating events are more common than others. One of the types of accidents that causes the most damage is known as a head on collision. This is when the two vehicles hit each other at the front end.

This may be between two cars, a motorcyclist and car or even a truck driver. The impact can be catastrophic and the drivers and passengers can suffer greatly. Hitting a car from the front means that both of them are traveling towards each other and the force will often be greater. It has been noted as being similar to hitting a brick wall. The higher the speed, the worse the accident. A head on collision can take place when the two vehicles are traveling in opposite directions along roads that are next to each other. It may be a two lane highway without a divider.

A driver may be unable to see the lines of the road clearly with the glare from oncoming headlights or they may be tired and can begin to drift into the oncoming traffic. Often these incidents are fast and hard to avoid. When the car is coming head on there may be little time to react and nowhere else to move. While these types of collisions may make up a small portion of overall vehicle accidents, they are responsible for a significant amount of fatal accidents. Call a Frenso personal injury lawyer from Sawl Law Group if you have been involved in a car accident or other incident that left you injured.