3 Killed in Fresno Train Accident

Posted By Sawl Law Group || 19-Aug-2013

A tragic train accident took place this morning at around two in the morning in the Fresno area, between Fowler. A train was traveling along the tracks at around 40 miles per hour when it intersected with a vehicle at Golden State and Jefferson Avenue. Three individuals were killed, two women and a man, and two others sustained injuries. The location where the accident took place is private so there was no warning equipment to let drivers know of the trains approaching. The train itself has warning equipment however, and early reports show that the lights on the train were working and that the horn had been sounded before entering the area. It is unclear at this point what the cause of the accident was and investigators have already begun looking into it.

Train accidents are a relatively rare occurrence, but when they do happen the results can be significant. They often result in fatalities and serious injuries, leaving both the victims and their families to cope. In an accident it is important to assess what the cause was, and if an individual acted negligently. In a train accident the conductor may have failed to signal or may have been traveling faster than regulation allows for. A driver of a vehicle may also stop their car on the tracks when they have been given notification of the train approaching. California is one of the leading states when it comes to train and car collisions. Part of this is due to the fact that the state is larger and has a longer railroad mileage within it. Other times it is due to the fault of someone that failed to take precaution. If you have suffered in an accident, whether it was a train accident or another type of incident, contact the Fresno personal injury lawyer at Sawl Law Group for a no cost consultation.

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